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Contact: Mike Vorhaus, Sr. US Advisor, Sayollo
mike@vorhausadvisors.com; 818-231-9110

Sayollo is unlocking the fastest growing real estate market in the world — mobile games.
Sayollo, the world’s leading technology platform that enables native blending of video
advertisements inside mobile games for promoting brand awareness and consideration, has
announced a major new appointment to their Advisory Board and a new business collaboration
with Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

Andy Wing, a prominent executive based in Los Angeles has joined the Advisory Board of
Sayollo. Andy is the former General Manager of Sports and Entertainment at American Express
and is the former Chairman of Nielsen EDI. Andy is a leader in worldwide promotions, loyalty
programs, and measurement of media effectiveness. Andy joins Mike Vorhaus, the CEO of
Vorhaus Advisors, a leading digital and gaming analyst in the U.S., as an Advisor to Sayollo.

The Sayollo Advisors will assist Sayollo with signing up game companies to integrate their
technology into a wide variety of games and working with brands to give them a premium
opportunity to put video ads into mobile games. Sayollo is reaching millions of players per
month in mobile games through their network. Sayollo also has a number of well-known brands
advertising on the platform.

Particularly noteworthy, is that Razer recently signed a major advertising campaign to deliver
ads to gamers across the Sayollo Network. Sayollo continues to show increasing revenue,
which is shared with the game publishers.

Advertisers are “demanding the opportunity to run branding-oriented video ads in mobile
games to reach gamers that they are finding hard to reach on traditional media. Game
companies are excited about this expansion of game-related advertising beyond the pre-roll ads
that offer incentives to watch the ads”, said the CEO of Sayollo, Jonathan Attias.

Sayollo also announced that they have integrated a public service announcement ad inside the
game Bus Rush 2. Click here to see the message that urges you to wash your hands and play
games. https://bit.ly/2UntSK9

About Sayollo:

Sayollo™ connects gamers directly with brands. Sayollo's, patent-pending, technology unlocks the
fastest growing real estate market in the world, mobile games. Sayollo solves the biggest pain
points for game studios, players and brands.

94% of mobile game studios use advertising BUT the number one complaint from players is about
the disruptions from advertisements. On top of a frustrated community, game studios can't control
what ads are shown to their audience and the majority of non-gaming brands have been left on the

Sayollo matches any brand with any demographic by showing relevant, immersive and non-
disruptive video messages inside mobile games. 2.6 billion players are spending, on average, one
hour per day playing games. Sayollo believes in growth, for everyone, through gaming.
Sayollo gives back control to game studios, removes all the interruptions for players and helps re-
introduce brands to their communities. Sayollo is changing the game. Sayollo is based in Rehovot,

About Razer:

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

The triple-headed snake trademark of Razer is one of the most recognized logos in the global
gaming and esports communities. With a fan base that spans every continent, the company has
designed and built the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and
services. Razer’s award-winning hardware includes high-performance gaming peripherals and
Blade gaming laptops and the acclaimed Razer Phone.

Razer’s software platform, with over 70 million users, includes Razer Synapse (an Internet of
Things platform), Razer Chroma (a proprietary RGB lighting technology system), and Razer
Cortex (a game optimizer and launcher).

Founded in 2005 and dual-headquartered in Irvine and Singapore, Razer has 18 offices
worldwide and is recognized as the leading brand for gamers in the USA, Europe and China.
Razer is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1337).

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Give me a penny for your thoughts, but trillions of pennies for your video. Once again big money is being paid for a free TV service, Tubi TV, this time. A few months ago Pluto sold for big money to Viacom. Now Tubi has sold to Fox (Fox is now made up of TV stations, cable assets, newspapers, and some digital properties after the rest of Fox was sold to Disney). Reportedly, Fox paid over $400 million for Tubi.

Unlike Netflix or Disney+, Tubi, Pluto and others are free services (or advertising supported as we like to say) or AVOD (Advertising Supported Video on Demand). Through these companies you can watch a plethora of tv shows, movies and other content. All free. All the time.

According to my research, conducted in the summer of last year, Pluto and Tubi was being used by about the same numbers of Americans (approx 6% of the majority of Americans that watch online video at least once a week or more). Another AVOD service, Xumo TV, was purchased by Comcast recently. My research shows that about half the number of people that watch Tubi, watch Xumo.

When you look at this data, you must ask the question, when (or if) will Crackle be bought? This service was started as Grouper many years ago and bought by Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2006. Sony recently sold a majority of Crackle to CSS Entertainment and they are working together on video offerings. Time will tell if Sony and CSS will sell Crackle to another major media conglomerate. What other companies among the AVOD services will also be sold?